2021 Proposed Budget

Pledge Units & Totals 2018 2019 2019 2020 2020 2021 2021
Total Units Total Units Total Units Total
$337,324 63 $297,420 61 $318,602 59 $321,120
plus $20,000 in expected giving
Income 2018 2019 2020 2021 Notes
Actual Actual Budget Proposed
Pledged Offering $327,913 $337,726 $347,600 $341,120 Including $20,000 in expected giving.
Non-Pledged $57,972 $60,532 $59,249 $99,080 Uncertainty from members due to COVID.
Endowment Fund $500 $500
LooseOffering $7,344 $6,500 $6,000
Building Use Fees $8,200 $29,200 $10,000
Misc. Income $9,340 $600 $500
Total Income $404,168 $423,142 $443,649 $457,200
Expense 2018 2019 2020 2021 Changes in 2021
Actual Actual Budget Proposed
Admin. Expenses $84,063 $112,516 $109,000 $99,915 (-)$16,800 in mortgage pmts, (+) for subscriptions
Children’s Ministry $2,099 $1,683 $2,300 $2,300
Connections $271 $578 $500 $500
AV Equip and Maint $1,056 $897 $2,000 $4,000 Sound equipment in sanctuary needs updating
Elder Expense $120 $187 $500 $650
Evangelism $1,884 $171 $3,000 $3,000
Ministerial Expenses $129,059 $126,640 $140,246 $109,200 (+) Salary increases, added Children & Youth Director
salaries to Staff Salaries (net $0)
Music Dept. $1,543 $1,027 $2,100 $11,000 (+) guest musicians monthly and Christmas / Easter
Nurture $3,809 $4,180 $4,300 $4,300
Property $70,895 $52,247 $59,845 $59,845
Mission & Outreach $15,876 $21,850 $21,500 $24,000
Staff Salary & Taxes $87,058 $97,351 $92,058 $128,190 (+) salary increases, added Children & Youth Director salaries
Worship $7,685 $2,000 $3,300 $3,300
Youth/Young Adults $3,390 $90 $3,000 $7,000 (+) $4,000 for 1/2 camp fees (children & youth)
Total Expenses $408,808 $421,417 $443,649 $457,200
Proposed Budget Summary

The KWCC Finance Team and KWCC Board have prepared and approved a Proposed Budget
for 2021 for the membership to review and vote on. Here is a brief explanation of the budget
process and how we determine the different budget amounts.

Obviously, 2020 has not been a typical budget year. Having our church building closed for eight
months has impacted our expenses and income in many ways. Due to the continued faithful
giving of the members of Kingwood Christian Church, our giving has remained steady.
Thankfully our staff salaries remained intact. However, the Building Use Income has been
severely limited. Not using our building has reduced some utility costs like electricity use.
Limiting our programs to virtual and online events has reduced spending in many departments.
We have also incurred and will continue to incur expenses related to COVID-19 that are not
typical, including the equipment needed to bring our worship services online. At the end of the
year, when we see the 2020 Actual Income and Expenses, we will expect to see the impact. For
that reason, the 2019 Actual numbers may be a better indication of 2021. Or maybe 2021 will
more closely resemble 2020. We just do not know. With all that uncertainty in mind, we
prepared and approved a cautiously hopeful Proposed 2021 Budget

Stewardship Campaign Results:
We have received 59 pledges for a total of $321,120

Expected Giving:
Families who pledged and gave in 2020, but have not turned in a pledge card for 2021 = 11
2020 gifts from those 11 families = $39,780.


Determining Pledged Offering:
We have included actual pledged giving and expected giving of $20,000. Several KWCC
families who are regular givers shared that they plan to continue their giving in 2021 but didn’t
feel comfortable committing to a pledge due to the uncertainty of jobs, etc.

Determining Non-Pledged:
This number is our flex number, used to help balance the budget. In the last few years, we have
tried very intentionally to keep this amount realistic. In 2019 the actual Non-Pledged Offerings
received was $59,249. January-September 2020 the actual Non-Pledged giving totaled
$48,771. This number looks especially high for 2021 due to so many unknowns for our
members at this time.

Determining Loose Offering:
2019 Loose Offering collected was $9340. We would normally
expect a similar amount for the next year, except for the uncertainty of knowing whether we will
be able to have in-person worship.
Determining Building Use Fees: These fees are for the regular groups that have a contract to
use our facility: SAFE, Micronesian Church, the SQUAD homeschool group and the CCSW
Regional Office were our contracts for the 2020 budget, as well as building use fees for
weddings, Lifeline Screenings and other special events.

Determining Misc. Income:
This is for extra little stuff like interes income and Amazon Smile


2021 Budget Changes:
● Admin decreased by $16,800 due to re-amortization of mortgage payments but
increased $3500 for computer hardware/software updates needed

● AV increased by $2000 to cover updates to sanctuary sound equipment (origianl to
building) and additional cordless microphones

● Ministerial includes salary increases for Senior Pastor (4%) and Staff Salaries & Taxes
includes pay increase of up to 3% for all existing staff (excluding new hires)

● Moved Children and Youth Director salaries to Staff Salaries & Taxes ($0 net change)

● Music budget increase of $9000 to include monthly support for choir, musical guests and
special support at Easter and Advent as well as adding $1000 for the Table service

● Youth/Young Adults increased by $4000 to cover KWCC’s commitment to paying half of
our kids’ camp fees. KWCC has honored that commitment by hosting fundraisers like
garage sales, etc.