Board Nominees


  • Chair – Elaine Kimzey
  • Vice Chair – Anne Amis
  • Financial Secretary – Kathy O’Shaughnessy
  • Secretary – Susan Bullard
  • Treasurer – Lindy Nelson Paryag


  • David Putz
  • Marjorie Farmer
  • Matt Meador
  • Craig Parker
  • Courtney Neal (TBA)
  • Wes Maat
  • Kathy Johnson
  • Susan Lastrapes
  • Wendy Hampton
  • Jose Aguilar[1]
  • Jay Theis
  • Claudia Schleyer



  • Lisa Aguilar
  • Rachel Ray-Welsh
  • Sue Diehl
  • Ray Diehl
  • Andrea Conrad
  • Jim Day
  • Stan Hollibaugh
  • Dustin Kelly
  • Barbara Maich
  • Rogji Setia
  • Tiffany Setia
  • Tammy Haddad


  • Worship – Tess Mustain
  • Connections1– Marjorie Farmer
  • Nurture – Brenda Hampton
  • Missions – Michelle Hoffman
  • Church Growth2 – Chris Neal


  • Property – Ryan Nelson-Paryag
  • Stewardship/Fundraising – Les King
  • Finance Team – Lindy Nelson Paryag

1 Connections:  Our By-Laws require that we have a Department that focuses on education.  Connections has been including that by encouraging new members to join small groups, some of which are educational in nature.  Wanting to give more emphasis to education, we suggest that Connections be organized to both 1) encourage inclusion of new members through small groups of any kind and 2) to encourage continuing Christian education of all members. 


2Church Growth: This is the suggested new name for the Evangelism Dept.  Evangelism itself is actually practiced through Worship, Missions, Connections, Nurture, and through all the ways we represent the church in the world.  Church Growth would continue to practice evangelism, but it’s new name would provide the needed focus.


3Planning Committee:  The suggestion is to drop this committee, because long-term and short-term planning functions are both done through all our Departments, Committtees, Ad-Hoc Teams, the Board, and the Exec Team.